We here at Cyber Tek Computer Pros provide two basic types of service plans. A traditional type of plan which we call the Computer Assurance Plan (CAP), and Managed Service Plans. The big difference between the two is with CAP you are paying for discounted time whereas with a managed service plan you are paying per computer for proactive support.

We generally recommend Managed Service Plans over Computer Assurance Plans because they provide more pro-active support and maintenance of your computer. CAP plans can be combined with Managed Service Plans to provide you with the proactive maintenance of a managed service plan and the discounted service if a CAP.

However, many customers prefer the Computer Assurance Plan.

A Computer Assurance Plan allows the customer to pay for a certain number of hours of computer service each month at a heavy discount and no service call fees. The customer decides how many hours they want each month. The customer must pay for these hours at the beginning of each month. During that month, Cyber Tek Computer Pros will provide service at no additional charge up to the number of hours included in their CAP plan. If the number of hours of service in a given month exceeds what is included in the CAP plan, those hours will be billed at normal rates, but service call fees are waived.

Here’s an example. Let’s say there is a company called Wally’s Widgets. In a given month, Wally calls us out for service twice. Each service call was one hour of time. The total amount Wally paid us for those two service calls would be $210. If Wally had a CAP plan that included two hours, the monthly charge would be $120. In that particular month, Wally could have saved $90 in service cost if he had a CAP plan with us.

Basically, ¬†you pay ahead of time for service hours at a rate of $60 for each hour per month. Your company then get’s that many hours of service during that month at no additional charge. Any hours not used in a month are not carried over to the next month. Any additional service hours will be billed at regular rates but service call fees are waived.

In the above example, if Wally had a 2 hour CAP and we provided three hours of service in a month, then Wally would be billed for an additional hour, but there would be no service call fee. So instead of $105, the additional hour would be $90.

A CAP can include any number of hours from 1 to 160. Included hours apply to both remote and onsite support. Included hours apply to normal business hours support. They can be applied to after hours support, but will be applied based on time-and-a-half or double-time rates depending on when the support happens. For example, Cyber Tek Computer Pros normally bills time on Saturday at a rate of time-and-a-half. If one hour of time is required on Saturday, that would consume one and a half hours of CAP time.

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