No Tricks. No hidden fees. No up-selling.

  • We charge a Service Call fee of $60 which includes the first half hour of service. This fee is waived on flat-rate services and on remote support.
  • After the first half hour, we charge $90/hour billed in 15 minute increments which is WELL BELOW the national average. If we diagnose a problem and you decide not to fix it, you are still liable for the service call fee unless you opt for the New Computer flat-rate service (see below).
  • Remote support is $80/hour billed in 15 minute increments. No service call fees, trip charges, or any other fees.
  • We charge a trip charge for onsite visits that are not in our service area. For detailed information on our service area and trip charges, click here.
  • Managed Services customers get a discounted remote support rate of $60/hour billed in 15 minute increments.

Here is a list of our flat-rate services.
Most of these services must be performed in our office (offsite) as opposed to your home or business (onsite).

Deep Cleaning and Optimization $150 (offsite only)
This isn’t just a simple tune up. It’s a complete scrubbing of your system. We will backup your computer, clean off all infections, tune it up, fix all errors, and get it running as well as possible. Note that if Windows is damaged beyond repair by infection or other cause, your computer will need a Wipe and Load. The charge for Wipe and Load would replace the charge for Deep Cleaning and Optimization and would NOT be in addition to the charge for the Deep Cleaning and Optimization service. If it becomes clear that a wipe and load is needed, we will call you first to get your approval.

Install Windows  $105 (offsite only)
We will install windows and all of the required drivers. No additional software will be installed. No data will be transferred or restored.

Wipe And Load $195 (offsite)
We will take a full backup of your computer. Then we wipe the hard drive and install Windows fresh from scratch. We get Windows all set up and configured. We install the software you need. We configure Windows the way you need it, as close to the way it was as possible. We restore your data and get it all set up. When we return your computer, we will set it up. We will install 1 printer.

New Computer Service $150 (offsite)
This service is required if you purchase a computer from us, or it can be used if you purchase a new computer yourself. On the new computer, we will remove the unwanted software and advertisements installed by the manufacturer and get Windows all configured and tuned-up and configured for you. We will configure it as close as possible to the way your old computer was configured. We will install any required software. We will set up email and transfer all of your data over. We will deliver and setup the computer. We will install 1 printer and we will give you a quick tour of your new computer. If you need more training on your new computer, that will be billed and normal rates.

Don’t forget to check out our service plans. Click here to take a look.

In addition, we have services that are aimed at businesses.

Here is a list.

One Full Day of Service $600 (onsite)
A technician will come to your business and spend one full day doing all of the computer related work you need done. This service includes 8 hours of labor and must be between the hours of 7am and 6pm Monday through Friday not including holidays. This service must be used on one day and cannot be spread out between days. Eight hours of labor would normally cost $735. This is a discounted rate service that must be scheduled ahead of time.

One Day A Month $500 (onsite)
This plan is basically the same as the “One Full Day of Service” plan except that it is a monthly plan. You pay every month ahead of time for one full day of service. By doing that you receive a deeper discount. Labor must be paid for ahead of time. You must use your day during that month.

Four Days a Month $1750 (onsite)
Same as the “One Day a Month Service” plan, but you get 4 days a month instead of one.

We provide a 30 day warranty on all labor with a few exceptions on specific situations.

Note: You must provide a valid license for any software that you wish us to install for you.