Getting Pop-up Ads on Your Computer?

September 30, 2019

If you have Google Chrome and get a lot of pop-up advertisements in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, there’s a very good chance they are coming from websites. They are appearing because you gave them permission to show you “notifications”. Is an advertisement a notification? No. But some naughty websites are misusing that feature of Chrome to show advertisements.

If you use Chrome and are on a website, it may pop up a message saying that the website would like to send you notifications. It will ask you to allow or deny that request. If you allow it, you may get advertisements popping up in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. These advertisements can show up from a website even if you aren’t currently viewing that website. So be sure to block it except on websites you want to allow to show you notifications there, which should be very few.

If you have already allowed some websites to show notifications and you would like to get rid of those notifications, here’s how.

  1. In Chrome, click on the menu button and chose settings.
  2. Scroll all the way down and click on Advanced.
  3. Now find “Site Settings” and click on it.
  4. Now find “Notifications” and click on it.
  5. At the very top is an on/off switch for site notifications. If you don’t want notifications from any sites, just turn this off and you are done.
  6. If you want notifications from some websites, say Gmail for example, then you’ll need to remove unwanted websites from the block list.
  7. At the top is a block list and at the bottom is the allow list.
    The block list is the websites you denied the ability to show you notifications.
    The allow list is the websites you allowed the ability to show you notifications.
  8. Scroll down to the Allow list. To the right of each website that has been allowed to show notifications, is a menu button (3 dots in a vertical line).
    Click on the menu button for that website and choose remove.
  9. Do that for each website you don’t want to be able to pop-up notifications.
  10. Some websites may not have a menu button and may, instead, have a silhouette of a puzzle piece. This means that it’s a google website and you can’t remove it from the allow list.

If you have trouble doing this, or just don’t want to fool with it, let us know. We would be happy do this for you.

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