Email Services to Avoid

June 5, 2019

There are a lot of email servers out in the world both free and for a fee. We want to give you some advice on which one’s to avoid so you can avoid problems.

When you sign up for your internet service, you get one or more email accounts with that service. We do not recommend using these services because any time you change services, you’ll have to change your email address. We recommend having an email account separate from your internet service provider.

AOL email is missing some important features. You can’t even forward your AOL email to another account.

The most hacked email service in the world. Enough said.

If you have an earthlink account, you won’t get all of your emails because they have ridiculous anti-spam policies that filter out legitimate emails.

We already said don’t use an email account associated with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). However, we want to reiterate how bad Spectrum’s email service is. It’s slow and unreliable. There are other issues that are technical that I won’t bore you with.,,,
We used to recommend this email service but a recent redesign ruined the web interface and removed many useful features. In addition, it has had many problems over the years that we won’t bore you with.

For a list of recommended email services, check out this link:

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