A website says my computer has malware

July 9, 2018

If you are surfing the web and you suddenly get a website that says your computer is infected or something and to call a number to get the problem resolved, that is a scam.

These type of web sites have been a real problem in the last year and the problem is getting  worse. Even with the best security, you can still encounter these websites.

Just be aware that if a website tells you something is wrong with your computer it’s a scam.

Most of these types of web pages make it to where you can’t use your web browser until you get rid of that web page. You can’t switch to another tab. You can’t close the web browser. Some of them even have audio warning messages. The easiest way to get around this is to reboot your computer. Or, if you know how, you can open task manager, find your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera, Safari, etc.) and end the task.

Along the same lines, if you get a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft or “Windows Support” telling  you that your computer has a virus or that your copy of Windows is going to expire, those are also scams. Do not let them on your computer! Microsoft will never call you unless you call them first.

If you go to look up a phone number on the web, watch out. There are a lot of fake numbers out there. In the last few months, Google and the other search engines have done a good job of eliminating a lot of those fake numbers, be aware that these fake numbers are out there. When you call one of these fake numbers, they even answer the phone claiming to be with the company you were looking for. But they’re not. When looking up a phone number on the web, make sure it’s coming from the company’s domain. For example, if you searched for HP Support Phone Number, the first number that comes up first might be from a website called hpsupporthelp246.com. But that’s not HP’s website. So that’s a fake number. Look for the phone number from hp.com.

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