Which Web Browser Should I Use?

June 16, 2018

A web browser is a program that is installed on your computer that lets you view websites.
Here is a list of the more common web browser and our recommendation for each.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer – Not Recommended
    Comes with Windows. Slow. Antiquated. Vulnerable to attack. Microsoft is phasing IE out and replacing it with Edge.
    Not available on Mac.
  • Microsoft Edge – Neutral
    Much better than Internet Explorer but still too young. Has some problems. Not as easy to configure as others. Not as many extensions available.
    Not available on Mac.
  • Vivaldi – Recommended
    I bet you never heard of Vivaldi. It’s very much like Chrome and actually comes from the same code base. But the makers of Vivaldi has done an excellent job of making Vivaldi easy to use and configure. It’s fast too. And since it’s the same base code as Chrome, you can use all of the Chrome extensions in it. By far my personal favorite web browser.
  • Google Chrome – Recommended
    Very good. Fast. Configurable. Many add-ons available. Some people have concerns about privacy with Google.
  • Mozilla Firefox – Recommended
    Very good. Fast. Very configurable. Lots of add-ons available.
  • Safari – Recommended on Mac. Not recommended on Windows.
    Pretty fast. Pretty good. Somewhat configurable. Fair amount of add-ons available.
  • Opera – Neutral
    Fast. Not as many add-ons. Fairly configurable.

Some websites work better with certain web browsers than others. One website may work better with Chrome while another may work better with Firefox. That’s why we generally recommend having at least two of our recommended browsers on your computer.

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