Recent Windows Updates Cause Big Problems

March 26, 2018

Recently there were two Windows Updates that caused major problems.

One of them caused the mouse and/or keyboard to stop working making the computer unusable. This bad update was easy to address if we already had our remote support software on the computer. All we had to do was remote in and remove the bad update. If we didn’t have our remote support software on the computer, it was much more complicated, but fixable.

The other bad update was much worse. It rendered the computer unbootable. There’s no easy fix for this at this time. If this happened, we had to back up your data, wipe it, re-install Windows, and basically rebuild the computer from scratch.

Despite these recent update issues, it’s still important to apply all security updates to Windows. We recommend holding off at least a week, before installing an update, just to be safe. Of course, this makes maintaining your Windows computer more complicated. When your computer wants to install updates, you have to look at the list and then Google each one to see how long it’s been since it was released and to make sure nobody is having trouble with it. Or you can just roll the dice.

This is one of the nice things about our Security And Maintenance (SAM) plan. Our software controls when Windows updates are installed. We review all updates to make sure they are safe. We don’t allow an update to be installed to a computer on our SAM plan until it’s been out at least a week and there are no problems reported. Consequently, not one computer on our SAM plan got either of these bad updates.

If you are interested in putting one or more computers on our SAM plan, you can read more information about it on our website by clicking here.

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