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Some of the questions we are asked the most are about security software. Here are the most common security software questions we get along with our answers.

  • Do I need security software?
    Yes. It doesn’t matter which version of Windows you have, you need security software. By the way, Apple computers and Android devices need security software too.
  • What security software should I have?
    Just like different buildings have different security needs, different users have different needs.

    • If you are a casual user who only goes to a few well-known websites and you are very careful about opening emails and attachments, then you would probably be OK with one of the free versions of security software that we recommend.
    • If you are someone who explores the internet or if your computer has been infected in the past, or if you just want better protection, then you would be better off with one of our recommended security software that you have to pay for. However, you probably don’t need the Internet Security version.
    • If you are an adventurous web surfer, your computer has been infected in the past, or you just want the best protection you can get, then you should purchase the Internet Security version of one of our recommended security products.
    • For more information on our recommended security software, please click here.
    • For the ultimate protection, check out our Security And Maintenance (SAM) service plan.
  • Here are some other security software recommendations
    • Only use security software that is on our recommended list. There are a lot of bad and fake security software applications out there.
    • Don’t let your security software expire. Renew it BEFORE it expires.
    • Keep tabs on your security software to make sure it’s working and staying up to date.

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