Should I Install Windows Updates?

March 3, 2015

In a nutshell, yes.

If you haven’t experienced it, you have probably heard of a computer that was messed up by a Windows update. It does happen from time to time. But the chance of it happening is very low. The chance of your computer becoming infected because it doesn’t have all of the latest Windows updates is much higher.

So even though there is a slight risk, we highly recommend that you install all Windows Updates as soon as they are released to help keep your computer safe.

To install Windows Updates on Windows Vista or Windows 7

  1. Click on Start and then Control Panel.
  2. Now click on System and Security (listed in green)
  3. Click on “Check for updates”.
  4. Windows will come back with two categories of updates. Recommended updates, and optional updates. You should install all recommended updates. Some optional updates are more likely to cause problems on your computer because they often install new drivers and, sometimes, the wrong driver.

To install Windows Updates on Windows 8 or 8.1 from the big color block start menu:

  1. Get to the start menu (easiest way is to hit the windows button on your keyboard which is on the lower left corner usually second button from the right that has a symbol on it that looks like a 4 pane window.
  2. Now type the word: settings
    you should see PC Settings in the list below the search box. Click on PC Settings.
  3. On the left side click on Update and recovery
  4. If there updates available, there will be an install button you can click on to install updates. You can see what updates will be installed by clicking the View details link above the Install button.

Remember that you almost always have to reboot your computer after installing updates. So close all of your files and programs before doing this.

Of course, keeping Windows up-to-date is only one part of keeping your computer safe.

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