Buying a New Printer

February 20, 2015

These days, printers are not made to last a long time. It is generally more expensive to have one repaired than it is to get a new one. Our favorite brands are Brother and HP.

There are two basic ways that printers print. Ink Jet and Laser. Ink Jet is always color. Laser may be black and white only, or Color. For most home users, Ink Jet is fine. If you are producing brochures or something, or are doing a large volume of printing, you will want a laser printer.

In terms of features, all printers will print of course. Other features include making copies, scanning, and faxing. A printer that does all of that is called an All-In-One (AIO). Some manufacturers call these multifunction printers instead of All-In-One’s, but it means the same thing. If you just need to print and only print, a plain printer is fine. If you ever have the need to make a few copies, scan something, or send or receive a fax, then a multifunction printer is a great idea. It does all of those things and doesn’t take up too much space.

The other thing to look for is how a printer connects to your computer(s). You can hook a printer up to a computer using a USB cable or you can connect your printer to your network (either with a wire or using wireless). If you have one computer and no other devices (iPads, iPhones, etc) that you want to print from, using USB is fine. But if you have more than one computer or if you have any devices you want to be able to print from, then we recommend connecting your printer to your network. Setting up a printer this way is more complicated and you might need to have us do this for you.

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