February 2015 Scam Update

February 9, 2015

From time to time we update you on computer related scams. Today I want to update you on a couple of scams that had died down, but seems to have picked back up.

If you get a call out of the blue from someone claiming to be with Microsoft or Windows Support, they are lying about what company they are with. Microsoft will never call you out of the blue unless you called them first. These scammers claiming to be with Microsoft will tell you they are calling because of errors or viruses on your computer. They will instruct you to go to a website and by doing that, you let them remote into your computer. Then they will pull up a screen that makes it look like your computer has a lot of errors. But it’s all a ruse.

Their goal isn’t to infect your computer, thank goodness. They just want to get you to pay for services you don’t need. Don’t believe these people. Don’t let them on your computer. Tell them to take you off their list and hang up.

The other scam, which is very similar to the above scam, involves looking up phone numbers for support organizations. Let’s say you recently purchased an HP printer. You have a problem with it, so you want to call HP support. You google HP support and get a phone number. You call the number and they answer saying HP support and, at some point, they tell you it’s going to cost to fix the problem. The problem is that it’s not really HP Support. These same scamming organizations that call you claiming to be with Microsoft also have fake websites and fake phone numbers to get you to call them.

If you need a phone number for something like this, go to that company’s website and find the phone number there. In this example, you would go to HP.com.

If you get a call from someone about your computer you can always tell them you’ll call them back, then call us to verify if it’s legit or not.

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