Send a Fax Over the Internet

May 3, 2013

Even though faxing is dying a slow death thanks to email and cloud storage, many companies haven’t converted over yet and are still using faxes. So sometimes, you need to fax something to a company. Most of us have All-In-One printers that can fax, but not all of us have phone lines that can be used to do the faxing. There are electronic fax services on the internet like  But they cost money. If you send and receive a lot of faxes, those services are very good. But most of us only send a few faxes a year, so services like that are not cost effective. Many of us have all-in-one printers that are capable of faxing, but not all of us do. And even if you do, there are often long distance fees because the fax number is out of town and not a toll free number.

What if there was a way you could fax over the internet that was free? Well, there is! The only drawback is that whatever you want to fax must already be in electronic format, not paper form. If you have a Word document or PDF file or something like that, it’s ready to go. If not, you’ll have to scan the document you want to scan so that it is stored on the computer.

Once the document you want to scan is stored on the computer, just go to, fill out the header information, click on choose file to select the file you want to fax and you are done. And it was all free!

Note that there are some limitations. Your fax can’t be more than 3 pages long (not including the cover) and you can only send up to five free faxes a day.

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