Service Plans Now Fully Support Macs

February 8, 2013

Here at Cyber Tek Computer Pros, we have different types of service plans. With a traditional plan, you prepay for a certain number of hours a month at a discounted rate. But our recommended plans are what we call Managed Service Plans. These are the plans where we actually proactively maintain your computers to try and prevent problems.

Our most popular service plan is the Security And Maintenance (SAM) plan. This plan used to be called the HOST plan back when we were Computer Troubleshooters in case you haven’t gotten used to the new name.

I bring this up because in the past our managed service plans only partially supported Apple computers. However, thanks to some new features in the software we use, we can now fully support Apple computers on our SAM plan.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our SAM plan, here’s a quick rundown of what it provides:

  • Monitoring and Alerts
    Our software will monitor the health of your computer and alert us to any potential problems.

  • Monitored Security
    Includes monitored security software. You will never again have to purchase or renew security software since it’s included. And not just any security software. The fact that it’s monitored means it will alert us to any problems, or potential problems. You won’t have to worry about security anymore.

  • No infection guarantee
    It’s unlikely your computer will become infected while on our SAM plan, but if it does happen, we will remove the infection at no additional charge.

  • Security Maintenance
    We will keep Windows up to date with all of the security updates. We will also keep security sensitive programs like Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, and similar programs up to date with the latest security updates so that your computer is as secure as possible. You will no longer have to worry about installing Windows updates, or updating all of those other programs that have frequent updates.

  • Remote Access
    Using the same remote control software we use, you can access and control your computer from any internet connected computer in the world.

  • Discounted remote support
    If you need additional help with your computer, you will get a discounted rate of $60/hour for remote support.

  • Priority Scheduling
    Phone calls for customers on service contracts are returned before phone calls for non-contract customers. Contract customers are also given scheduling priority over non-contract customers.

The cost of the SAM plan is only $20/month for each covered computer.

If you have a PC or a Mac and you are interested in signing up for our SAM plan, please reply to this email or give us a call at 267-5913.

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