Windows 8 Has Built-in Security. Sort of.

You may have heard of something called Windows Defender. It came out in 2006 and is built-in to both Windows Vista and Windows 7. Its purpose is to protect against and remove spyware. However, like most Microsoft security products, it did a terrible job.

You may have heard about another free product called Microsoft Security Essentials. This free security software is supposed to protect you from and also remove both viruses and spyware. Unlike Windows defender, this product isn’t bad. It provides good (not great) protect and it’s free.

Microsoft has is rolling the functionality of Security Essentials into Windows Defender. The result is that Windows 8 comes with security software built-in.

I installed Windows 8 and was playing around with it. Ten minutes later, the computer was infected. I wasn’t trying to infect it and I didn’t do anything risky either.

The bottom line is if you purchase a Windows 8 computer, don’t believe the line from Microsoft that you don’t need security software. This new version of Windows Defender just doesn’t do the job.

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