Purchasing Software

February 3, 2012

When you purchase software, you either purchase it on CD or DVD, or you download it from the Internet. No matter how you get the software, it’s important to keep your media, purchase information, and licenses in a safe place where you can find them because you never know when you might need to reinstall the software.

The hard drive on your computer might fail or you might get a new computer. In those cases, you’ll need to reinstall the software. And for that, you’ll need your media, order info, and license info. When you purchase software on a physical media, it’s pretty easy to save. Keep all of that kind of stuff together in a box, bag, file folder, large envelope, or drawer.

But when you purchase online and download software, it’s not quite as strait forward. I used to print out order info and license info, burn the software to a CD and put it all in a file folder in the filing cabinet. But I don’t do that anymore. Now I have a folder on my hard drive called Software. Under that, I create a sub-folder for each piece of software I purchase. I put everything that has to do with that software purchase in that sub-folder.

When I purchase software and download the installation file from the internet, I copy it into that sub-folder. After I have placed my order, I save it to a text file and save that in that same folder. To do that, all you have to do is click on File and then Save As in your browser. Choose a file type of text. Select the correct sub-folder where you want to save the information and give it a name. Then click OK to save it. There may be some extra information in the text file from the web page, but all of the information you need is there too. If I get an email for the order, I save that into the same folder. The same procedure for saving the email as a text file is pretty much the same as it was for saving the order information.

Saving your information like this only works if you back that information up. My software folder is backed up every night so even if my hard drive fails, I can still get the information.

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