New Fake Email from Adobe Tries to Infect Your Computer

December 1, 2011

Watch out for a fake email from Adobe Update Notification. It looks pretty official and tells you that Adobe is proud to announce a new version upgrade for Adobe Acrobat Reader and tells you about all the great new features. It tells you that all you have to do to apply the new update is to open the attached file. Now that is a red flag, isn’t it. I don’t have to tell you not to open the attachment.

Adobe Reader is something you should have on your computer and it is also something you should update regularly. But Adobe never sends email like this and they certainly would not have the update attched to the email like that. Normally, a little icon will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the screen near where the time is displayed that tells you about an update to Adobe Reader. You can also update Adobe Reader by going to

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