Windows 7 is now King

November 18, 2011

Windows 7 was released late in October of 2009. For next 2 years, Windows XP was still the most widely used operating system. But as of October of this year, that is no longer the case. Windows 7 is now the most widely used operating system. If you combine all versions of Windows together you find that Windows is the operating system on 86.5% of all computers. In this context, the term computer includes tablets and phones.

Something you may find interesting is that in December of last year, Windows was on over 90% of all computers, so it has dropped 4%. What changed?  The biggest change is the popularity of tablets and smart phones. The iPhone, iPad, Droid phones and Droid tablets combined increased about 3%. That last 1% went to Macs.

The fact that phone and tablet sales are impacting computer sales just shows the direction we are going in. Laptop and tablet sales are increasing while desktop sales are decreasing. But the desktop isn’t going away.

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