Recovery Disc(s)

August 4, 2011

Did your system come with recovery discs?

Then you have two options. You can create the recovery discs yourself, or you can purchase them from the manufacturer. Of course, it’s a lot cheaper to make them yourself, and it’s easy. But if you wait until you need the recovery discs, it’s too late to make them. At that point, you have to purchase them from the manufacturer and wait until they arrive.

So, if you don’t have recovery discs for your computer, I urge you to create them. To create them, you will need CD-R or DVD-R discs. How many depends on your system. The process to create them is simply a matter of running the program to create them. That program will tell you what you need.

The hard part is finding the program that creates them. Different manufacturers put them in different places and call them different things. For HP computers, for example, you would click on start, all programs and then look for Hewlett-Packard and then HP PC Recovery CD Creator.

I have also seen the Recovery CD creator under All Programs, Accessories.

For Dell computers, you would run Dell DataSafe to create your recovery discs.

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