Ad-Blocking Software

July 29, 2011

Ad-blocking software speeds up web surfing by blocking out those annoying ads, but more importantly, it helps protect your computer from infection. In this instance, we aren’t talking about pop-up ads. We are talking about banner advertisements embedded in websites. Your browser has the capability to block pop-up ads, but it doesn’t block banner ads. 

Most websites that have advertisements on them get those advertisements from an advertisement service. The advertisements you see on most websites aren’t actually on that website, they come from the server owned by the advertisement service. Often, the owners of the website displaying the advertisements do not know what specific advertisements are being displayed on their website. 

The problem comes in when the advertisement service is hacked. Now, any website showing advertisements from this service will be showing infected advertisements. If you click on one of these ads, your computer could become infected. 

Of course you should first and foremost have good, up-to-date, security software. But another good way to protect from this type of attack is to use ad-blocking software. 

You should also be aware that Adblock software can sometimes interfere with the normal operation of a web page. You can disable the ad-block software for that web page easily. 

Our favorite ad-block software is Adblock Plus. It’s free! Just go to to download it and install it into your browser.

We also recommend you install the Web of Trust (WOT) add-on/extension as well. You can get that at

Note that if we worked on your system in the last year and you had Firefox or Chrome on your system, we may have already installed these add-ons for you.

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