How Did I Get All of These Toolbars?

May 27, 2011

If you are like most people, your browser probably has several toolbars installed in it. Just to make sure we are all on the same page, a browser is the program you use to view web pages. The browser that comes with Windows is Internet Explorer. Other popular browsers include FireFox, Google  Chrome, and Safari. A toolbar, is software that you can install on your computer that puts a bar across the top of your browser. Toolbars offer additional features and functionality. Popular toolbars include the Google Toolbar, the MSN toolbar (also known as the  Bing bar), and the Yahoo toolbar.

The truth is, there are literally hundreds of different toolbars in existence. Seems like every website and every application has their own toolbar. Are toolbars evil? Not necessarily. Toolbars can provide some good functionality. More often than not, however, they don’t really offer any new features that most people need or want. The result is that your toolbars go unused and they just take up space and slow your browser down.

In most cases, you may not even be aware of how these toolbars got on your computer in the first place. Some security software installs toolbars. Some malware (infections) use toolbars. But most toolbars get installed when you install or update other software. For example, when you install or update Adobe Reader, if you aren’t careful to deselect the option to install the Google toolbar, then it will install the Google toolbar on your system while it is installing or updating Adobe Reader.

I’ve seen some systems with 8 toolbars. Sometimes there are so many toolbars that there isn’t much room left to display the website you are looking at. So that you can see more of each website and also keep your web browser running as well as possible, we recommend that you uninstall any toolbars you don’t use.

For information on how to uninstall programs on Windows XP, go to

For information on how to uninstall programs on Windows Vista or Windows 7, got to

Uninstall each tool bar one by one.

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