Fake DHL Email Infecting Computers

March 11, 2011

Watch out for email notifications that appear to be from DHL. In case you aren’t familiar with DHL, it’s a shipping company similar to UPS or FedEx. A lot of people have accidentally infected their computers this week when they opened the attachment.

This same type of trick has been used before for UPS and FedEx. It has also been used with greeting cards and other similar services.

As always, we recommend that you avoid opening attachments on any email unless you are absolutely sure it’s safe. Even if it appears to be from a friend, it could be your friend’s computer is infected and is trying to spread itself.

Also avoid clicking on links in email unless you are sure. If you receive an email that appears to be from a company you do business with, instead of clicking on the link in the email, just go login to their website. You can check a link in an email by holding the mouse pointer over the link. Windows will show you the link it will go to. If the link it will go to doesn’t match what the link says in the email, that’s suspicious.

And always make sure you have good, unexpired, up-to-date security software. In fact, just to make sure. open up your security software right now and make sure everything is OK.

The internet is a dangerous place. Let’s be safe out there.

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