Windows 7 HomeGroup

December 10, 2010

You already know that in Windows XP and in Windows Vista you can share files and printers. But, it’s really not all that easy to set up. Especially in Vista due to the extra security. And if you want to share files between Vista and XP, you may be in for a fight.

Windows 7, on the other hand, has a new feature called HomeGroup that makes sharing easy as pie. Setting up a HomeGroup couldn’t be easier. Just specify what types of things you want to share, documents, music, etc. and enter the password.

Windows 7 will assign a password to the HomeGroup, but I recommend you immediately go and change it to something you can remember. Once you have done this on one computer, then all you have to do on each of the other Windows 7 computers is to join the HomeGroup by entering that password and specifying what information on that computer you want to share with the HomeGroup.

You can share any file or folder and you can specify the permmissions to it. You can even grant access to one, but not to another. Or grant read/write permission to one, but read only to another.

The only real drawback to it is that it only works with Windows 7 computers. If you have some Windows 7 computers, some with Vista, and some with XP, only the ones with Windows 7 can use the HomeGroup feature. You can still share files between all of these versions of Windows, but it’s just harder to set up.

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