Will Computers Be Like Toasters?

October 15, 2010

Are computers becoming just another appliance like a toaster? Some people think that’s where we are headed. Here’s why. Computers are becoming more and more portable as evidenced by the ipad, netbooks, and laptops. The trend is to store all data on the internet in the so called “Cloud”.

Once you have all of your data in the cloud, the only thing left on your computer are is the software. Some software is available on the internet and doesn’t have to be installed on your computer. For example, using Google Docs, you can edit a Word or Excel file right there online. You don’t have to have Word or Excel installed on your computer.

If we ever get to a point where all of your data and all of your software can be on the internet and doesn’t have to be installed on your computer, then the computer really will be an appliance. If it breaks, go get a new one. Just like you would if your toaster broke.

Today, only the most basic of software is available online. If all you do is email, surf the web, edit Word documents and work with Excel spreadsheets that are not too complicated, then you might be ready for it. However, most people need more than that. Until the vast majority of software is available as online applications, the computer will still be somewhat complicated to set up, use, and maintain.

However, when we do get to the point where all of your data and software is online, computers will be cheap to purchase, easy to set up, require very little maintenance, and can easily be replaced.

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