Monitored Security

September 24, 2010

What’s the difference between your average consumer-oriented security software and monitored security software? The difference is huge. With your average consumer oriented security software, if there is a problem, it notifies you. You have to decide what action to take and then take that action.

Monitored security means that someone else is monitoring your security software. If there’s a problem, the person monitoring will take care of it for you. Basically, monitored security software is security you don’t have to worry about because an IT professional is taking care of it for you.

Monitored security is something most mid to large sized companies use, but thanks to Cyber Tek Computer Pros, small businesses, home businesses, and even residential customers can have monitored security.

We offer monitored security as part of our H.O.S.T. plan. H.O.S.T. stands for Home Office Support Technology. The H.O.S.T. plan includes monitored security in addition to free infection removal, discounts on remote support, priority service scheduling, and also gives you the ability to remote control your computer from remote locations.

With our H.O.S.T. plan, you basically don’t have to worry about security on your computer(s).

The H.O.S.T. plan is only $20/month per computer. What a deal!

If you are interested in the H.O.S.T. plan, please let us know.

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