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July 23, 2010

You may have seen Facebook in the news a lot recently. There was the announcement that Facebook hit 500 million users. That’s cool, but having that many users makes Facebook a target for scammers.

There have also been a lot of announcements lately about scams and security risks on Facebook. The most recent one is an app that will let you see who viewed your profile so that you can see who’s stalking you. At some point in the process of getting this app, they will ask you to agree to a $19.99 monthly charge to your cell phone bill.

This is why it is so important not to just blindly click next or OK on every window. You could agree to something like this. And trying to get this type of monthly charge removed from your bill can be difficult. I know from personal experience. A couple of years ago a $20 per month charge started showing up on our cell phone bill. We tracked it down to my daughters cell phone, but didn’t know what it was for. We called the cell phone provider. The surprising thing is that they could not tell us what it was for or even the name of the company that was making the charge. I thought that was ridiculous.

After a lot of investigation, we discovered that our daughter had  accidentally signed up for a weekly horoscope that would be delivered to her cell phone via text message. She didn’t realize there would be a $4.99 fee each week for this which added up to around $20 a month.

By the way, the Facebook scam I talked about earlier has already conned 150,000 facebook users out of $19.99 a month. That’s a lot of money.

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