How to Block Facebook Applications

May 21, 2010

There are a lot of fun applications on Facebook. Popular games like Mafia Wars, Farmville, and many more. Many of these applications are fun to play and use. But many of us don’t use these applications. Some of have friends who use them so much it clutters up our Facebook page making it hard to see the information we want to see. But never fear, there is something you can do about it.

When you see a message on your facebook page from an application, if it’s an application you don’t use and you don’t want to see messages from it, here’s what you can do to block messages from that application from appearing on your facebook page.

Take a look at this example.

The above message appeared on my facebook page. The application is called “Friendly Hearts”. If I want to block messages from Friendly Hearts from showing up on my facebook pages, I would first click on the picture in the Friendly Hearts message. When I do that, I get a screen that looks like this.

Don’t click on Allow. What you want to do is click on the name of the application which appears in blue. In this case, I click on “Friendly Hearts” which is show in blue text.

After you click on the name of the application, it will take you to that application’s home page. Here is a portion of the Friendly Hearts home page.

In the left column under the “Go to Application” button, you will see several options in blue. The last option is “Block Application”. Click on “Block Application”. It will ask you if you are sure and you should confirm.

And your done. You’ll need to do this for each application you want to block messages from.

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