Don’t Advertise Your Vacation

April 13, 2010

Summer vacation season is almost here. When you go on vacation you stop your paper and your mail or get a friend or family member to get it each day. Why? Because you don’t want it to look like you are out of town. Why? Because if it’s obvious that you are away, someone might rob your home.

If you don’t want potential robbers to know¬† you are going to be on vacation, then don’t use your computer to advertise that you will be away. Here are some tips on things you shouldn’t do on your computer when you are going to be away.

Don’t use vacation reply on email.
Anybody can send you email. And if you have a vacation reply turned on, whoever does will know you are away. Using vacation replies will also increase the amount of spam you get in the future because it let’s spammers know that your email address is valid.

Don’t post anything about it on facebook, twitter, myspace, etc.
Yes, hopefully all of your online friends are actually friends and wouldn’t rob you. But realistically, many of us have friends on social websites who we don’t know that well, or haven’t seen in 20 years. In addition, whenever you do anything online you should always be aware that there is a possibility that someone you don’t know might be able to access that information. It happens every day. Think of it as public domain.

Unless you will be accessing your PC remotely while you are gone, we recommend that you just turn it off. Not only does leaving it on waste electricity, if you don’ t have your PC on a UPS, then a storm or power outage could damage your PC.

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