Move Your Taskbar

March 31, 2010

The taskbar is that bar that is usually at the bottom of your screen. It contains the start button, icons for running programs, and the time. It may also contain other things since it is pretty configurable.

We occasionally get a call from a customer telling us the task bar is in the wrong place and wondering how to get it back to the bottom of the screen. Many people don’t realize the task bar can be on any side of your screen. It can be on the top, bottom, left side, or right side of the screen.

What seems to be universal is how shocked everyone is at how easy it is to move the task bar. It’s so easy, in fact, people accidentally move it without realizing it.

So here’s how to move your task bar. First, the task bar has to be unlocked. To unlock your taskbar, simply right-click on an area of the task bar where there aren’t any icons.  You will get a pop-up menu. One of the options on the pop-up menu is “Lock the task bar”. If there is a checkmark next to “Lock the task bar”, then your task bar is locked and can’t be moved. If there isn’t a checkmark there, your task bar is not currently locked. Click on “Lock the task bar” to add or remove the checkmark.

Once you have unlocked your task bar, right click on a blank area of the task bar where there aren’t any icons, and drag the task bar to the side of the screen where you want it. Then let up on the mouse button and the task bar will now be on that side. Be sure and lock the task bar after moving it.

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