Before You Forward an Email…

March 31, 2010

We all get emails forwarded to us by friends and family that warn of a big virus coming or about a certain email that you shouldn’t open. One email claims that Microsoft will pay you money for each person you forward the email to. Any time you receive an email that has been forwarded to you by a friend, before you forward it to all of your friends, stop and check it out first to make sure it’s legitimate beforeĀ  you send it out.

To check out an email to see if it’s legitimate, first, look at the email to see what’s unique about it. Then go to and type in some unique keywords about the email and search for them. Then you can click on the correct search result and it will tell you if it’s true or false.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you get an email that says that U.S. cell phone numbers are going to be released to telemarketing companies and that to prevent getting a lot of telemarketing calls on your cell phone, you should register your cell phone on a do not call list by calling a toll free number from your cell phone. Go to and enter “cell phone telemarketers do not call list” in the search box and click search. The top search result says “Cell Phone Numbers Given to Telemarketers”. Click on that search result and will tell you what the claim is, it will tell you if the claim is true or false, it will give you examples of the email, it will also give you a history of the email.

Based on the information on, you should be able to determine if the email is worthy of being forwarded to your friends and family.

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