Fake Security Programs with Online Support

February 25, 2010

In the last few months, we have frequently been alerting you to these fake security programs that pose as legitimate security software, when they aren’t. Just to refresh your memory, these programs tell you that your computer is infected, when the only infection is the security program telling you that your computer is infected. They then tell you they will clean off these supposed infections if you buy their (fake) product.

In an effort to trick consumers, these programs are very good looking programs that look like real security software. They are set up to not only look like real security software, but act like them too.

The most recent feature some of these programs are adding is on-line support. There is a button you can press for on-line support and you actually can chat with a live person. But all they really try to do is encourage you to purchase the fake product.

Those fake security programs that have added fake on-line support are doing this, once again, to appear more legitimate. As usual, make sure your computer is fully protected and be careful when  you are reading  your email and surfing the web.

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