Using the Wheel on Your Mouse

January 27, 2010

If you haven’t tried using the wheel on your mouse, you are missing out on a real time saver. You can use it to scroll down without having to move the mouse over to the scroll bar. If you don’t think your mouse wheel scrolls down quickly enough, you can change the settings on it to make it scroll faster. Just go into the Control Panel and find your mouse settings. Click on the Wheel tab and you will see the settings for your mouse wheel. The standard is for it to scroll 3 lines for each click of your wheel. If you want it to scroll faster, just increase the number of lines. I like 10 myself.

If you have more than one program running like I usually do, I might look at one of them and start scrolling the mouse only to find that one of the other windows is scrolling. This happens because the mouse wheel only works on the currently active window. So, to make the mouse wheel work on the window I want it to work on, I have to click on that window to make it the currently active window. Then I can use the mouse wheel to scroll down.

This kind of limits the usefulness of the mouse wheel. But have no fear, there is a free and easy fix to this problem. It’s called WizMouse. This free utility can be downloaded and installed for free. Once you have it running, all you have to do is hold the mouse pointer over the window you want to scroll, and then you can use the mouse wheel to scroll that window, even if it’s not the currently active window. Until I tried WizMouse, I didn’t realize what a pain it was to have to click in a window just to scroll that window down.

If you are interested in downloading and installing WizMouse, click on the link below.

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