Windows Knows ZIP

November 18, 2009

A zip file is a special kind of file that contains other files. The files contained within the zip file are compressed to save space. A zip file is good for transferring several files from one computer to another because you only have to transfer one file and the file is usually smaller than the normal size of all of the files put together when they are not in a zip file.

Many people do not realize that Windows can handle zip files. You don’t have to have a 3rd party application like WinZip to create or extract zip files. Although these 3rd party applications are usually much more powerful, Windows provides the basic functions that most people need. But Windows calls them compressed folders. But they are really just zip files.

To create a zip file, highlight the files you want included in the zip file, right click on one of the highlighted files, and choose “Send To” and then choose “Compressed (zipped) folder”. The zip file will be created right there in the same folder. You may want to change the name to something more meaningful to you. Now you have a zip file you can e-mail to someone if it’s not too big.

Have a zip file and you want to add additional files? Just drag and drop those files on top of the zip file. Or copy and paste them.

To access the contents of a zip file, simply double-click on the file and you will see the files contained in it. Want to extract those files out of the zip file? Highlight the files you want to extract (Control-A to select all of them), right-click on one of the files and choose copy. Now go to the location where you want to extract the files. Right-click and choose paste from the pop-up menu. Instead of using this copy and paste method, you can also highlight and drag the files to the place where you want to extract the files.

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