Switching Email Addresses is a Pain

November 12, 2009

Most home users and some small businesses use the email address provided to them by their internet service provider. For example, if you have roadrunner as your internet service, your email address might be something like johnsmith@austin.rr.com.

This is fine until you move or decide to switch to a different internet service provider? Now you have to change email addresses. What a pain that is. But there is a way around this problem.

We recommend that you use an email address that is independent of your internet service provider. There are several ways you can do this. Once is to sign up for one of the free email services like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail. There are lots more, but those are the biggies. All of these can be accessed via your web browser, but if you prefer to get your email in an email program, then you’ll be better off with Gmail or Hotmail because Yahoo Mail charges a small annual fee for that type of access.

Getting one of these free email addresses is easy. Just go to hotmail.com, mail.yahoo.com, or gmail.com and sign up.

Another option is to get your own domain name. A domain is something like google.com, cnn.com, or ct-cp.com (our domain). Notice that this email is coming from service@ct-cp.com. Ct-cp.com is our domain and service is one of the email addresses on that domain.

The interesting part is that it’s easy and inexpensive to get your own domain. Let’s say you wanted a domain for your family to use. You could purchase smithfamily.net, for example. Then you could have email addresses like john@smithfamily.net, sally@smithfamily.net, and so forth.

Even more surprising is how inexpensive it is to do this. To register your own domain name with us is $15. You do have to renew that domain name each year. To host email addresses on your domain we charge $25/year. So for $40/year, you can have your own domain name and email on that domain name. If you are interested in doing this, email or call us.

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