Security Software is a Detterent

October 19, 2009

You hear about break-ins and burglaries on the news all the time and there are a lot more you never hear about. Homes and businesses are broken to every day. Every one of these homes and businesses had locks on the door and many of them even had security systems or other security measures, but the bad guys still got in.

Sometimes the bad guys don’t have to get around the security measures. They trick the owners into letting them in the house. In that case, all the security measures mean nothing because the owner let them in. Basically, the owner circumvented the security and allowed the bad guy in.

Locks, security systems, and other security measures are nothing more than deterrents. They discourage the bad guys from getting in, but they don’t prevent it. If someone wants in badly enough, they will get in. There’s no way to totally 100% guarantee that nobody can break in.

It’s the same with computers and security software. The better your security software is, the less likely an infection is going to get in, but there’s no 100% guaranteed protection.

And just like the home owner who was tricked into letting the bad guy into their home, computer users can be tricked into downloading and installing infections without even realizing it until it’s too late.

So as we always say, make sure you have good, up to date, un-expired security software. And make sure you are careful when you read e-mail or surf the web.

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