Registry Cleaners

September 8, 2009

You may have noticed online a lot of registry cleaners that are supposed to fix problems on your computer. There are a lot of rogue registry cleaners that are basically infections that sneak onto your computer. They tell you about all of these supposed problems on your computer, and then tell you they will fix it if you purchase their product.

Using a good registry cleaner shouldn’t hurt anything, but generally doesn’t help much either. It certainly doesn’t fix problems like many of them advertise. If you have a problem on your computer, a registry cleaner won’t fix it, so don’t bother.

I guess I should tell you what a registry cleaner is. Windows has something called the registry. The registry holds all of the configuration information for Windows and everything it knows. You could say the registry is like the brain for Windows. Over time, the registry may contain entries in it that are invalid or refer to objects that no longer exist. A registry cleaner will remove these entries. These invalid or worthless entries in the registry really didn’t hurt anything. They just take up a small amount of space in the registry.

But, if you have a lot of these invalid entries in the registry, removing them can make a very minor increase in the performance of your computer. That’s because anytime you do anything in Windows, Windows has to go and look stuff up in the registry. So if you keep your registry lean and fit, it can help. But only removing these bad entries doesn’t help much. To really make your registry and lean as possible, you should defragment your registry. Very few registry cleaners will do that for you.

And to reiterate, if the registry is the brain of Windows, then running a registry cleaner is like brain surgery. Very risky. There is one tool that we recommend that cleans the registry and can defragment it as well. This tool also does a lot of other stuff to help tune up your system. This tool is called System Mechanic. But it’s not free.

If you are interested in System Mechanic, just go to It normally sells for $49.95 but is currently on sale for $10 off. You can download a free trial as well. By the way, don’t get System Mechanic Pro, just get the regular System Mechanic. If you download and install the free trial, try opening System Mechanic each day and look at the bottom of the main screen. Often, you will see a special offer where you can get System Mechanic really cheap. I’ve seen it for under $20.

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