Online Quizzes

July 31, 2009

Most of us have taken some sort of Quiz on the internet whether it’s on Facebook or some other website. These quizzes include IQ tests, biological age, personality tests, and scads more. They seem harmless enough, but there are some things you need to be aware of.

The majority of web quizzes are created by companies so that they can collect information about you. That information they collect via quizzes are valuable to advertisers seeking to connect with you. They use this information to place targeted advertisements in front of you. Some display these ads while you are taking the quiz. Others will send you junk e-mail. Some will try and install spyware on your computer that will display ads on your computer. And others will try and hijack your web browser.

Another tactic is to let you take the quiz. Then, before you can see the results, you are shown a series of offers. You can skip each offer, but you can’t just skip all offers. You have to wait for each one to load and then skip it. One report stated that after skipping 105 offers, they gave up without seeing the results of the quiz. This isn’t dangerous to your computer, your data, or your identity, but it sure is annoying and what a waste of time.

Instead of inundating you with offers at the end of the quiz, some websites will say you have to pay a fee to see the results. Some even try to charge monthly fees.

While most quizzes on Facebook are safe, some quizzes advertised on Facebook aren’t. A quiz advertized on Facebook may actually go to a website other than Facebook. If you start a quiz, make sure it’s on Facebook’s website.

Don’t let a quiz website install any software on your computer and don’t give them your credit card number. You don’t really know who’s on the other end. Could be anyone in any country.

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