The Role of Computers

July 16, 2009

Think about the types of things use computers for.

We use computers to communicate with each other. We use email, instant messaging, chat, forums, blogs, voice over IP (i.e. Skype), and much more. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are huge conduits for communication.

We also use computers for entertainment. We play games, we watch video on websites like youtube, and some of us record and watch TV. You can even watch TV episodes and movies online. We also listen to music both on our PC and over the internet. We even buy our music online. And we load up our music on our mp3 players. And when was the last time you bought a roll of film? That’s all digital now. And you can share your photos online.

We use our computer for financial activities as well. We pay bills online, track our bank accounts, transfer money, analyze our financial situation, keep records, and trade stocks.

Computers are big with education as well. We take online classes. We use computers to do our home work. And we find the answers to the questions we have.

Our health is dependent upon computers. Think of all of the medical equipment, medical records, and so forth. You can look up your symptoms on the internet and find out what your problem is and what you should do about it. You can also look up a drug.

Computers are Huge in business. Most businesses these days pretty much run their businesses on their computers. For most businesses, if the computers go down, the business is pretty much dead in the water.

And we use our computers for reference. When I need to know something, I no longer pick up a dictionary, encyclopedia, or any other printed reference book. I hit the web!

This is by no means anywhere near a complete list, but it gives you an idea.

Now think about how much of this would be possible if you didn’t have the internet? You can play games on a computer without the internet, but the list of games you can play without the internet is getting smaller every year. You can watch video on your computer without the internet, but you have to get it on your computer by physical means like a DVD. The same goes for music. You can record and watch television on your computer without the internet, but you wouldn’t have any program guide. You would have to look in the newspaper or TV Guide to see when something is going to be on. About the only financial things you could do would be to do some analysis and record keeping.

Having no Internet at your business would be a serious impediment to doing business. You might be able to access your database and take phone calls, but with no e-mail or web access, it’s going to be difficult to do all of the things you need to do.

As far as education goes, you could order some DVD’s and watch a class that way, but you could do that with a DVD player too. And you used to be able to purchase reference material for medical conditions, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and similar on CD. But the information on them was stagnant.

All of this goes to make a point. The Internet is what has made the computer so invaluable in the home and in the workplace. The popularity and importance of computers is due to the Internet. Before the internet, computers were used primarily by the government, big business, researchers, nerds, and gamers.

 In a way, the Internet is more important than the computer itself. Your Internet connection speed is often more important than the speed of your computer, although the speed of your computer is certainly important. As time goes on, however, the computer will become less and less important while the Internet will become more and more important. The computer is basically becoming an appliance for accessing the internet.

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