Google Taking Over?

July 16, 2009

You are probably aware that several years ago, Google unseated Yahoo as the most popular search engine. Google has some very popular software like the Google Toolbar, GoogleTalk (instant messaging), and Picasa.

Although Google’s Gmail is very popular (currently ranked #11) and gaining market share very quickly, it’s not yet number one. However, it is consistently picked as the best. And if you look at the statistics, there isn’t a long way to go to get to the top. Yahoo Mail is #1 with just under 10% of the market share , Microsoft is second with about 3.5% while Gmail is at 0.9%. But considering Gmail is still fairly new, that’s pretty good.

Last year, Google introduced their own mobile phone operating system called Android. Android phones are currently only available through T-Mobile much like IPhones are only available through AT&T. Android phones have garnered much praise and are rapidly gaining in popularity.

Last year Google also introduced their own web browser which is called Chrome. Chrome is now being used by about 6% of people when accessing websites. This doesn’t seem like much compared to Internet Explorer’s 40% share. But Chrome is new and it doesn’t come with Windows which gives Internet Explorer a huge advantage. In case you are interested, Internet Explorer is no longer the most popular web browser. This year Firefox passed it and currently has a 47% share of the browser market.

If all of that wasn’t enough, this week Google announced the Chrome operating system (Chrome OS). In case you don’t know, an operating system is the software that provides the user an interface to the hardware. Microsoft Windows is an operating system. Google’s new Chrome OS is in direct competition with Microsoft Windows. No release date has been announced yet, but this should get interesting.

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