Changes at Pandora

July 16, 2009

If you listen to music on, you know what a great service it is. If you have never tried Pandora, it’s unique. You enter an artist or song, and it will play that music, and similar music. Of course, you need a high-speed internet connection. The cool thing about Pandora is that you can discover a lot of music that you weren’t exposed to before.

The reason I mention this is that Pandora recently announced some changes to Pandora’s service. Free users will now be limited to 40 hours of music per month. Previously, there was no limit. However, due to heavy licensing fees they have to pay, they are forced to implement this policy. If you are a free user and  you hit the 40 hour limit in a particular month, you can either stop listening until next month, or you can pay $0.99 to get unlimited listening for the rest of the month.

Another option is to upgrade your Pandora membership from free to Pandora One. By doing this, you eliminate all advertising. You get higher quality audio (192 kps). You can download the Pandora player and use that to listen to music so you don’t have to use your web browser. You can personalize how Pandora looks too. It won’t stop every hour and ask you if you are still listening either. And, of course, you get unlimited play time. The cost of Pandora One is $36/year.

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