What Windows 7 Doesn’t Have

June 25, 2009

Microsoft, in their infinant wisdom, has removed some features from Windows 7 that were in previous versions of Windows. The idea, according to Microsoft, is to try not to clutter Windows up with stuff most people don’t need. Those that need that stuff can download and install it. So, thanks to this philosophy, Windows 7 doesn’t come with Windows Messenger, Photo Gallery, or Movie Maker. But you can download and install them by going to http://download.live.com.  By the way, these downloads aren’t restricted to Windows 7. If you have XP or Vista, you can download these as well.

Something else Windows 7 doesn’t come with is an email client. Windows XP came with an e-mail program called Outlook Express. By the way, don’t confuse Outlook Express with Outlook. They are two different programs. When Windows Vista came out, Outlook Express had not only been given a makeover, it had a new name. The new name was Windows Mail.

Don’t worry that Windows 7 doesn’t come with an e-mail client, there are lots of options. When you purchase a new computer with Windows 7 on it, if you get Microsoft Office with it, you will have Outlook unless you got the Home and Student version of Office.

If you didn’t get Office, or you got the Home and Student version of Office, no problem. If you want to,  you can read your e-mail on the web. If you don’t like that, then there are a lot of great free e-mail programs out there, and a lot of them are free. Our two favorite ones are Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail.

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