Discounted Online Remote Help Computer Repair Support Service

June 18, 2009

Want immediate help with your computer without having to wait for someone to come to  your home?

Or perhaps you want to save some money.

Or maybe you would like both?

We provide remote online support at a discounted rate.

We can fix many problems remotely saving you money over an onsite appointment. All you need is a computer that boots and can get on the internet.

For remote online support, click on the button to the left where it says Online Help.

When you click this button, it will initiate a chat session with us. From there, if you want us to, we can work on your computer remotely.

Note that you should be on the computer with the problem when you click the button. If the computer with the problem cannot access websites, but your e-mail is working, we can send you an e-mail that will initiate a connection as well. Just call our office at 512-267-5913.

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