Laptop Screen Brightness

June 15, 2009

Have you ever noticed that when you laptop is plugged in the screen is brighter than when it’s running on battery power? It’s true. This is done in order to conserve battery power. Of course, when the screen isn’t as bright, it may be hard to see. And if you move into sunlight or a very brightly lit room, it may be difficult to see the screen.

What you may not know is that you can adjust the screen brightness of your laptop with a simple key combination. What keys you use to do this varies by manufacturer. On a Dell laptop, for instance, there is a key on the keyboard  labeled “fn” in blue. Press and hold this key down. Now if you want to turn the brightness up, start pressing the up arrow. To turn it down, press the down arrow key. Each time you press it, it goes up or down a little.  You can press it several times in a row to change it a lot.

Some Dell models may use slightly different keys. Look for keys with symbols in blue. Those are the ones that go with the “fn” key. Look for a picture of a sun with a plus or minus sign. The sun with the plus sign, in combination with the “fn” key will turn the brightness up, and the one with the minus sign will turn it down.

The keys for different manufacturers may vary, but look on your keyboard for these special symbols.

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