June 15, 2009

No, a bell didn’t go off. Bing is the new search engine by Microsoft.

As you know, a search engine is a searchable index of websites on the internet. Places like Google and Yahoo help you find what you are looking for. Microsoft’s old search engine was called Live Search, but it wasn’t very good. So now Microsoft has rolled out Bing.

When you first go to, the first thing you notice is that it looks very pretty. Each day they have a different high quality picture. If you are on dial-up, don’t bother with Bing. That picture will take too long to download. Although the picture is nice, personally I would rather have a page that loads quickly rather than looks nice.

As you type in your search terms, it tries to help you by making suggestions. Of course, Google does that too. When you click the button to actually do the search, Bing is very fast to return results. I am not sure yet if it’s fast because it’s new and not very many people are using it yet, or if it will be fast for the long haul. But right now, it’s really fast.

When you get your search results, it looks like most any other search engine. The nice thing here is that on the left in a column is shows you some related searches that might be helpful to your search. For example, if you typed in “External DVD Burner”, you would get a lot of results of DVD burners at online stores and so forth. Over in the column on the left are some other relates searches that include “Best External DVD Burner” and “External DVD Burner Review”, and so forth. Very helpful.

Up at the top of the screen in kind of the style of a menu, you can tell it what you are looking for like images, shopping, etc. Just like Google.

Overall, so far Bing looks pretty good. You might want to go to and check it out.

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