Remember Your Favorite Websites

June 12, 2009

Most people have a list of 5-10 websites they visit most often. When you want to go to one of your favorite websites, how do you go to it? All web browsers, like Internet Explorer, have a feature that will let you save the address of a website. Internet Explorer calls these “favorites”. Some web browsers call them “bookmarks”. Whatever they call them, it’s basically an address book of websites.

ie7-favorites-addingWhen you are visiting a website and you want to save it’s address to your favorites list, where you click to save that address depends not only on which browser you are using, but which version. For example from version 6 to version 7 and then to version 8 of Internet Explorer, how you save a website to your favorites list changed with each version.

Most of you should have at least version 7. The picture to the left shows how you would add the current website to your favorites list. In version 8, the star with the plus sign in front of it is gone and you just click on the gold star that says “Favorites” next to it. Then click “Add to favorites”.

Now when you want to access that website, click on the gold star and you’ll get a list of your favorites. Then you just click on the website in that list that you want to go to. Simple! Where favorites really shine is for accessing websites you don’t access very often. You know the address for the websites you go to frequently, but for the ones you don’t go to very often, you may not be able to remember the address.

That’s the basic operation of using favorites. You can organize your favorites list too. Instead of one long list of websites in no particular order, you can sort the list and you can even create folders to group them in. To sort your favorites list, click on the gold star. Now right-click on any website listed in your favorites. You will get a little pop-up menu. In the menu, click on “sort by name”.

To create a folder, right-click on any website in the favorites list and select “Create new folder” from the pop-up menu. Give it a name. Now you can click and drag any website in the list and drop it on the folder to move it to that folder.

There are other ways to create shortcuts to your favorite websites too. You can put a shortcut to a website right on your Windows Desktop. To do that, go to the website. Make sure the web browser window isn’t taking up the whole screen. Near the top of the browser window find the address of the website. Just to the left of it will be an icon. Click on the icon and hold the mouse button down. Now drag the icon onto your Windows Desktop and let up on the button. Now you have a shortcut to that website on your Windows Desktop.

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