Enterprise Security

June 12, 2009

When I talk about enterprise security, I am not talking about the red-shirted soon-to-die crew members aboard the USS Enterprise in Star Trek. I am talking about security software that is targeted towards businesses. Traditionally, you purchase security software for each computer. To put that software on each computer, you have to physically sit down at each computer and install the software.

The big advantage to enterprise software is that it makes installing, administering, and maintaining the software on a lot of computers much easier. For example, the enterprise version of Vipre can be installed on a server. If the computers on the network are configured correctly, you can just tell the software on the server to go install itself on all of the computers at the company. What’s even better is that, at any time, you can keep track of all of the computers right there on the server. You can see if they are up to date, scanning, results of the last scan, which ones are infected, and with what, and much more.

Enterprise versions of software save businesses time and money.

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