The Problem With Protection That Works

June 1, 2009

A good security application like Vipre works automatically. It not only tries to prevent infection, but it also will automatically update itself, scan for infections, and automatically clean up the infections. This soulds lilke a good thing, doesn’t it. It is a good thing! The problem is that it does such a good job protecting and cleaning your computer in an automated way that after a period of time, some people forget about it.

They forget Vipre is there protecting and cleaning and then when it comes time for renewal they think they don’t need it. Of course, it’s not until after Vipre is expired or gone that they realize the value they were getting. Then it’s too late, because they way they realize it is that now their computer is infected.

The moral of the story is, don’t take your security software for granted. Don’t just assume its working; check up on it periodically. Once a month, open it up. Make sure it’s up to date. Check the quarantine to see what infections, if any, have been found. Check the history to make sure the automatic scans are happening as they are supposed to. It only takes a minute.

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