That’s Refreshing

May 22, 2009

When you go to a website, or click on a link, you may get an error of some kind. A common error is “Page Not Found”. Or sometimes the web page might be jumbled and miss-formatted. When this happens, don’t assume you are out of luck. And you don’t have to hit the Back button either. The quickest way to fix this is to do a refresh.

You can do a refresh several ways. All web browsers have a refresh button. The refresh button is usually near where the website address is shown. On Internet explorer, the refresh button looks like this:

ierefreshbuttonThe refresh button is usually to arrows going in a circle, or sometimes its one arrow in a circle. But no matter which web browser you are using, there is a quick way to do a refresh. Just hit the F5 button on the keyboard.

Another reason to do a refresh on a web page is to make sure you have the latest updates to the webpage. When you view a web page, Windows saves a copy of it on your computer. So when you go back to that same web page, it can display the web page quicker because at least part of the webpage is already on your computer so it doesn’t have to be downloaded from the internet. However, if the web page has been updated since the last time you visited it, then what you see on your screen may not include those latest updates. To make sure, just do a refresh!

There are other places in Windows where you may want to do a refresh as well. Anytime you have a list of some sort that you think is out of date, just hit F5 to refresh it.

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