Need a Cable to Hook Something Up?

April 29, 2009

Whether you need a USB cable for your computer, or a cable to hook up your DVD player to your TV, watch out! Many stores mark up the price of cables. The put a Computer or TV on sale and then mark the cable prices way up to try and make up the difference.

For example, a 6 foot long USB cable which you might use to hook your printer up to your computer costs $34 at one local store while the same cable at another local store costs about $8. How about an HDMI cable to hook your DVD player up to your TV? At one local store the cheapest 3′ HDMI cable is $27 while at another store it’s $15.


You might wonder if perhaps the cables at the more expensive store are higher quality. The answer is no. The same quality. And while we are on that subject, should you pay extra for a brand that is supposed to be higher quality? A brand of cable that is generally considered to be higher quality will often cost twice as much as other brands. While the quality of the cable is may be slightly better than the other brand, you won’t be able to tell the difference.


In general, don’t purchase cables at big electronics retailers. Purchase them at discount stores. Better yet, if you can wait a few days to get the cable, you can save even more money by purchasing online. Remember that USB cable we priced at a local store $34? You can find the same cable for $5 including shipping online.

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