Where Does Spam Come From?

April 1, 2009

Over 90% of e-mail traffic is spam. And that number is growing. I used to think that most spam came from foreign countries where there weren’t laws against it. However, 3 times as much spam originates from the United States than from the next highest spamming country which is China.


In the United States, spam is legal as long as it follows certain rules. The subject line of the e-mail must be truthful. There can be no false information in the technical headers of the e-mail or the sender’s e-mail address. There are some other minor rules, but those are the main ones.


So when you get spam trying to sell you a watch, for example, that’s most likely a legal spam. Kind of like the junk mail you get in the US Mail. If you have a spam problem, we recommend spambully. This will only work if you use a program like Outlook, Outlook Express, or Thunderbird to read e-mail.


If you get a very large amount of spam, like me, then you may want to consider a spam service. The advantage to a service is that they filter the spam out before it gets to your computer. So your computer doesn’t have to waste time processing the spam. Before I switched to a spam service, when I started my e-mail up, it would take several minutes to process the spam before I could start reading e-mail. And this is on a high performance system. If you are interested in a spam service, we recommend Vanquish.

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