The Many Faces of Vipre

April 1, 2009

In case you don’t know, Vipre is security software that provides protection against viruses, spyware, and other malware. We currently recommend it as the best protection available at this time. If you don’t have Vipre on your system, you may want to skip to the next article.


If you do have Vipre, you may have noticed that the icon may change color or that a second yellow Vipre icon may pop-up from time to time. Here’s what each of the icons looks like, what they mean, and what action you should take, if any.


 Everything is good. No action needed.

 Vipre is scanning your system. If you don’t want it to scan right now, right-click on the green Vipre icon and choose “Scan” and then choose either “Abort Scan” or “Pause Scan”. You may want to adjust the schedule for when scans happen. On Vipre’s overview screen, click on “Schedule Scans” to set or change the schedule. We like to schedule scans during times when we know we won’t be using the computer. For most people, 1am works well.


 This means that either Active Protection or E-mail Protection is disabled. To fix this, open Vipre. You will be able to see what is disabled. Click on “Edit Settings” next to whatever is disabled to enable it.


 This icon will show up in addition to the regular icon, so you will see two icons. If this icon appears, that means that there is something that Vipre wants to alert you about. Double-click on the yellow icon to see what’s up. If you see that Vipre was not able to update it’s definitions, but later on was able to, just close it and don’t worry about it. You may see that there was some sort of error with the service, but it is now corrected. If so, just close it and don’t worry about it. This icon can also alert you that there is a new version of Vipre available to install. It may also be telling you that your subscription is about to expire, or has expired.


It’s very important to pay attention to what Vipre, or any other security software, is telling you. Don’t ignore it or your computer may become infected.

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